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Originally Posted by kenbo View Post
I thought GH SEA was one of the better properties for getting upgraded to a suite since the club floors are all suites. I haven't been Diamond for about a year now so maybe it's changed?
It is one of the properties that often gives suites to Diamonds as upgrades but is not guaranteed. I've been at the property 3x over the years, 1st time complimentary long suite upgrade, 2nd time regular room, 3rd time used Diamond Suite Uograde for a suite on the floor that the GC is on (IIRC all rooms were suites on that floor but it's only 8 rooms or so).

My statement above is to temper the OPs expectations given all the contortions that he/they would have to go through just yo possibly get a suite. Of course it's possible I suppose for one to get the Presidential Suite at the PHV on an award stay but chances of that happening is probably less than winning the lottery jackpot.
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