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Originally Posted by flyinghigh2011 View Post
Thanks so much!!! Lovely pics!!
So you reckon the odd rooms have slightly better views?
No problem!

I'm just guessing based on what I saw from our room, but based on the angles of the rooms, I would think the odd rooms should have more ocean in their views than the even rooms (but would also likely be noisier). You can get a sense of that from this google map; look at the room angles at this resolution of the tower coming out toward the water, then zoom out a bit to see where the ocean is:

In this map, the even rooms are on the top of the wing, the odd on the bottom, and based on the angle of the room, odd rooms seem to have more ocean view. Also, I think someone posted the view from an odd room much earlier in this thread if you can find it to compare to my pictures.

The most important thing for the view though is to get as high a floor as possible (7 is highest), and high a number as possible to get closer to the ocean (739 and 740 are the highest). But then the palm trees could throw it off if you happen to get a higher floor right next to a palm tree top!
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