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I can report a slight upgrade in the meal service on PS flights...

They are now serving the main course on the Global First plates - the large ones with the concentric circles around the rim. And the presentation of the main is similar to that in Global First. Just a touch more sophisticated.

They also added an extra shrimp to the appetizer - 3 instead of 2. Salad greens were slightly better, but still in the tiny bowl.

Oh so slight improvement, but noted. If only they would upgrade the wines.

And wouldn't it be nice if they put the salad on a small plate (they could save money with a smaller portion) and offered a vegetable based soup along with it and the app.

Little to no additional cost and a long way toward showing they care about the soft product. As would getting more creative the way Delta has. I don't think Delta is spending all that much more on catering on these transcons.

Always amazes me how much people like soup. Highest pleasure to cost ratio in the food business!
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