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Originally Posted by LarkSFO View Post
This is just another post long on hyperbole and short on details...
Details, where do I start. CO was a great airline when it was based at LAX and run by Robert F. Six. UA was a good, reliable airline until it was merged with CO. The Houston crew came along and now you have the "new UA".

UA - the only carrier charging for booze on overseas trips in Y. Devaluation of miles this year. Many FA's have an attitude and are lazy. Poor meals. Poor on-time performance. Planes not cleaned properly. Not enough mainline flts. Elimination of NRT-BKK. Stock under performing other USA carriers. Still running as two airlines. Crappy movie/music choices (when available). Chanel 9 not available or turned off. Some employees still wearing CO uniforms (mechanics I saw). Rude, unprofessional help when calling Res. Removal of Starbucks coffee. Broken cashews. Garbage lounges. International flts = service is the worst, compared to other US carriers and almost every foreign carrier.

My 6-8 domestic FC flts each week I took on UA in 2013 will be going to DL, AA or WN. My International travel will move to DL or Foreign carriers.

I will continue to read the posts on the UA forum as I still have miles to burn on UA. This company needs new leadership.

Many employees at UA are great people and do a fantastic job. Keep your chin up! Get rid of the bad apples (if the Union will allow it).

For those on the upgrade list - you can have my FC seat. Cheers!
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