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What I miss most about bmi;-
The nuclear just has to be number 1 on the list. I still have bare patches on my arms.
“Diamond Club doors”
The staff......god bless you everyone (except D****n)
Flying TATL, paying for a 5 tix solely using VDB compo vouchers gained in the past year. BD1 on a Monday morning was a VDB gold mine. One of my friends gained the soubriquet “Jonathan Edwards”, having been bumped from the BD1, 3 and 5 on the same Monday morning.
M*****e in the GLA lounge. When my friends and I first had access to the lounge she used to follow us and ask for sight of our Silver Cards, even though we’d used them to swipe ourselves in. She eventually learned that our only scam involved being VDBed on an almost weekly basis and matured into an uber friendly girl who helped me and my family more than once. A beautiful lady indeed (in more ways than one).
By contrast D****n in the EDI lounge. Denied me access despite then being BDLG, because I’d mislaid my G card. Showed her my account printout and onwards F boarding card, but she was one bad .....! There is no coincidence that her anonymised name can be replaced by Dragon!
Learning through this forum that using points for TATL Y flights was plain daft. It led me to burn several million miles in TATL F, thereby learning the delights of the FRA FC Terminal and FC Lounges.
Becoming BDLG.....but learning that the LG part did not refer to my lifetime.
Dennis (“I can certainly help you sir”) at Pune.
But, most of all, you fellow bmi forumers. I have learned so much from you. I miss the friendliness and camaraderie of this forum, particularly the jokes and laughs. Thank you so much. The dark side’s forum is a poor substitute.
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