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All aboard!

Two airbridges were used for this 3-class 777 w/o F, where the front cabin is the larger of the two for J.

Interesting numbering of the rows:

Beautified interior of this little ‘Tardis’:

A quick trot down the back, about 95% full:

Back at my seat, and finally I got to try a Cathay Delight, with kiwi, coconut and mint:

Quite refreshing, but a bit less coconutty than I’d imagined.

In short order we were airborne:

But captain, which way are we really going?

I wouldn’t think it a good idea to burn off excess fuel when there are 14 hours+ ahead of us still!

Amenity kit for this long trans-con:

Some rather practical and useable items actually.


Drinks cart:

Note the Bombay Sapphire hiding behind the juice – not Gordon’s!

A pre-emptive move to ensure a glass of bubbly that would be enjoyable:

Since I didn’t know the champagne, and it seemed to be the same one as on my previous J flight, a Pacific Sunrise was a safe choice.

All the while we were on the right flight path… perhaps…

Next up: meal service

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