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SYD SQ lounge re-opens.

Was passing by SYD last week and saw the SQ lounge open and decided to try it.

Notably missing was the steamed prawn dumplings and the cheesecake. They had one of my favorite beers I don't see in NZ and very tasty curries that day (if you are into curries.)

Lots of executives that day doting and tweaking around the food area making sure everything was stocked and clean. Must have been opened recently.

I asked one of them about the prawn dumplings and we started talking.
- food now catered (previously they we prepared by the staff there)
- old lounge was not designed for hot food.
- SQ pax complained about NZ lounge, too big, too noisy, etc.. was just like a regular access lounge
- all A* (inc NZ) welcomed.
- new design did not consult catering which limited food selection and presentation.

Still, I enjoyed my time there and the food.

I liked these mini pods.
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