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I can't tell you about education, but I can tell you about moving, flying and living.

Flying between the states and Guam you're legally limited to US airlines. Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese airlines can't sell you such transportation, while UA and DL can route you through Japan or Hawaii (UA only).

Flying to Guam is expensive compared to similar distances in Asia, not necessarily because that the market is small, but because competition is legally limited. Flying from Guam, however, is even more expensive (to anywhere and on any airline) because of being a small captive market. (RT from GUM to mainland US count on $1.5k low season, $2k+ high season.)

Moving to Guam will be a bit more stressful than moving within CONUS. You'll need to buy/sell a car (shipping is only worth it if paid by an employer). You'll need to decide whether and what to ship other than accompanying airline baggage. You'll need to decide whether to keep/discard your otherwise permanent cellular number (e.g. $10/month if on a family plan) or any subscriptions (e.g. gym membership, TV, internet).

Housing is not that expensive if compared to large cities (LA, SF, NY), but everything else is a bit more expensive--food or just about anything. Online shopping is OK if using USPS, but many smaller retailers don't understand or refuse to do non-military OCONUS shipping. Letters take less than a week, but packages flown across the ocean often take two weeks.

Get the passport done in the states. Guam's passport office is simply a GovGuam office taking your check (and money) and passing the package on to Honolulu. Takes quite a while. Having a passport also widens your travel options, especially to/from the US.
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