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Grad School in Guam? Travel and Life Advice?

A young colleague (and aren't they all young these days?) is considering the Univ. of Guam Professional MBA program.....any thoughts from the wise and well-informed FTers?

On the education side, Guam U would seem to offer a USA-accredited MBA for her, and a sustainable energy/ecology Masters for her boyfriend. My thought is that an MBA from there supplemented with internships/work in the Pacific Rim countries would make for a favorable resume when returning to the USA, or even Oklahoma.

On the travel side, the seemingly costly airfare to Guam is a concern, but they apparently have some connections in Guam for low-cost living. Any special tips for routing & fares from OKC to Guam (one-way)? I showed them the $1100 round-Pacific fares if they wanted to take an exploratory trip/vacation.

On the "life" side......the big distance from home seems to make Guam attractive to her...too far/costly for family to visit, or for family to expect her to come home for holidays. The boyfriend seems to be determined to go to U-Guam in fall 2014.....now it's her turn to decide. Will the isolation from current friends&family by being in Guam be an idyllic togetherness, or will the rigors of grad school tear them apart?

Advice welcome......thanks in advance.....
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