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Originally Posted by FlyIgglesFly View Post
Personally, I loved the Old City and Wadi Dhar, but my twinged a bit when I looked at my pics vs. those from the BBC about the attack on the defense ministry yesterday and saw I had the same things in my album. I'm not sure about you though, but I didn't feel unsafe at all.
Yes, it was quite a senseless attack, killing innocent doctors & nurses.

I felt quite safe too, probably safer than most big western cities. The locals were very friendly and courteous, and always ready to give you the time of day while I poked a camera in their face. I guess its the few bad eggs/extremists that spoil things I guess

Originally Posted by SMART51 View Post
A very nice trip report, Yemen is really next door but i never thought of visiting there.
Just a couple of corrections
The 99 names are not the Prophet Mohammed but for God.
The grafitti on the wall does not mention Christians.
Thank you again.
Thanks. My vague memory is to blame for the errors.

Originally Posted by isaifan View Post
I always enjoy your trip reports. Very, very nice. Thanks for taking us to these interesting places.
My pleasure, isaifan.

Originally Posted by enki View Post
I probably have a ton of questions about traveling in Yemen, and how you were received, but I'm just going to enjoy the pictures right now.
Thank you. Yes, any questions fire away.

Originally Posted by manneca View Post
Thanks. Wonderful pictures.
Thanks, manneca.

Originally Posted by bluegreentravel View Post
Great pictures! Thanks for the report ^

(You should probably remove the picture of your passport though - for your privacy...)
Thanks. I photoshopped most of the details out, its due for renewal soon anyway though.
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