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Originally Posted by TomBrady View Post
First of all, im sure some of this story is exaggerated. I doubt she actually threw the kindle at you.
On what basis can you outright dismiss the possibility of this happening?

Originally Posted by sjpmurph01 View Post
Technically, you are required to comply with an FA's instruction while on the plane.
But, if I recall, this is not absolute every last case instruction having to do with everything, - not saying it wouldn't apply here, and there is argument to make that this is a reasonable request [but on the other hand also room to argue a little unreasonable, as he doesn't need to completely surrender the device to ensure compliance], but reasonably there are some boundaries, are there not?

EDIT: And US Airways is one of the airlines that ALLOWS kindles to be on from gate to gate now, is it not?

Honestly, slight tangent, I think it is sad that it gets to the point where if we are unsure if a FA is right or not that we can't ask without being intimidated, afraid of being met with hostility, or even in some cases met with hostility... and not just FAs, police officers, engineers or conductors on trains, etc. Merely asking for clarification, or if we believe they are wrong and have the relevant company policies with us politely pointing it out should NEVER be met with any degree of hostility or intimidation.

Back on topic: screw it, I'd at least get her reprimanded, disciplined - and if she has a history of this type of behavior, I'd find it hard to care if she got fired from being reported.

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