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Life is simply too short

Originally Posted by bkafrick View Post
Its a short flight. You can't sit apart for a few hours?

I'd rather not be the d-bag who says "no" - cause honestly, I like my seat, and I picked my seat purposely. But I really dont want to change.
I choose my first class seats purposely, too. And I used to really care.

Then, I took my 80-year-old Grandmother on a First Class trip to Asia. Her first trip out of the US. I had all the seats worked out except the initial connection to the real flights.

One hour flight. I asked the man as he approached the seat, "Sir, I'm traveling with my Grandmother and we were not able to reserve seats together. Would you mind switching seats with me?"

My story was true. She was sitting right there. Who could possibly say no?

He stopped me before I could even tell him it was an aisle-for-an-aisle, one row forward. "No, I chose the seat I like," he said, and sat down in it.

Since that moment, I just don't blink an eye. I choose my seats purposefully. But if someone asks if I wouldn't mind changing with them, I smile and say, "Sure, happy to, where are you sitting?"
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