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Originally Posted by mkjr View Post
very odd to see such large aircraft fly such short flights.
I know the United Flight flies back to Kuwait, and then back to the U.S., so I guess it is picking/dropping off passengers who were coming/going to the US.

Originally Posted by isaifan View Post
Nice report overall. Great pictures.

What were your impressions of each of the countries? If you had a choice to only go to one, which would you recommend?

I noticed in Kuwait, the signage was mostly only in Arabic. While in Bahrain and Qatar, it also included English. So was Kuwait tougher to navigate?

Do you remember the name of "American" restaurant in Doha? Got to visit it next time I'm there.
All three countries varied abit. Qatar is very like Dubai, so if you wanted to stay a bit, that would be the place to go.

I didn't have too much problem with the signage in Kuwait, although if I was driving though, it certainly would be a lot tougher!

The place is called Ric's Kountry Kitchen:

Originally Posted by DL17 View Post
Awesome TR. I always find middle eastern countries so fascinating and exotic.
And of course it is the Persian Gulf not Arabian
Thanks. I grew up calling it the Persian Gulf. Living in Dubai though, I figured I might get told off for calling it that though.

Originally Posted by themapelligroup View Post
Amazing trip report DanielW!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by mike&co View Post
Enjoyed that, some great pics too ^
Thanks, I try to get some good pics for each country I visit.

Originally Posted by farbster View Post
Very nice! How long were you in each location?
I left Wednesday night, and got back to Dubai Saturday night, so 1 night/day in each country. Didn't have much annual leave left to spend longer.

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