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Prices are way less here in colombia, not because of bad treatment and bad regulation, but because with one dollar you buy 2000 pesos ( colombian currency) also a dentist dont spend a lot of money in staff and real state for their practises, at least not compared to an USA dentist, you will not see the guy in a ferrari either, but they are very well skilled and I would even say they can be more skilled than a lot of dentists from usa, is not rare here for dentist to do specialization in there, and return here for their families and colombian lifestyle, also dentist here earn way less. So you got a good combination of things to get a good dental treatment, for higth qualified specialist for less than half than getting it there, you can spend the other half in a great vacation in a colombian beach with your whole family for less than 3000 dls. The only advise I give is that you must do it with a good dr, look for private practices that are not dental chains, thats my only advise, dont get treatment here in big dental chains, and I would even say dont get dental treatment in a dental chain in any place in the world. Also look for iso9001and berau veritas. And look for specialist from Universities like. El bosque, Nacional, Antioquia, Or you can also look for NYU dentist in here.
So thats what a colombian dentist can tell you about dentistry here, great quality if you seach well, for way less money, my advise is that you come here for more than just dental care. Get in a vacation plan to cartagena or san andres after you get your teeth fixed. San andres is heaven on earth.

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