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Originally Posted by OsakaWino View Post
We really liked the bed Oh well, I always knew we were strange.

The suite is not great, but I would think it must still be a big step up from a standard room. At least there is a lot of suite upgrade availability, which does not seem to be the case too often. 9 months in advance and I really had to browbeat GH Fukuoka for a full week upgrade, even though res centre was clearly showing the suite available for revenue booking; 6 months in advance and Mainz has no availability, etc.

I'm sure there are a lot of better suites than those at the Churchill, but for us it was a lot better than being stuffed into a tiny room for 10 nights, and we've booked an upgrade again for a week next May.

I hope they don't change the beds by then
If you like hard beds, go visit the PHS. It is like sleeping on a brick!

I am real surprised to hear all your troubles with the suite upgrades. I have had little to no issue booking suite upgrades.

The GHF suite wasn't that great so I don't think you are missing out on much. Was it because you were going during a golden week?

Originally Posted by 777 global mile hound View Post
They need to spy on Grand Hyatt Melbourne who night after night always left me wowed at half the price of the Hyatt Churchill
Having said that I'm fine overall with the club breakfast don't need the extra calories and don't drink much bit waters so they save plenty on me!

The Hyatt Churchill has challenges they do not want to give the luxury suites out and prefer to sell them so typically Diamonds wont be receiving them
The standard is a small jr suite that may or not over look the park or building wall for those a fan of seeing bricks

Some of the other larger suites that are large and spacious face side streets and or building walls.While not part of the upgrade pool have been granted on select occasions
My suggestion is to build a relationship with the hotel and share with them your preference's. While that's not a guarantee it really helps in my own experience
The price comparison isn't necessarily fair in this context. However, I agree that some staff are more passionate than others in the service industry. However, the problem is:
1) guest are often quicker to complain than they are to give praise
2) praise seldom equal substantially more revenue (there are exceptions but they aren't the norm)
as a result, many people who are passionate in this industry have their passion fizzle.

That larger suite sounds like the room I got on an upgrade. Though personally, I would rather have the one with the view given a choice.

I agree that the relationship one has with a hotel helps the overall experience. But oddly, I have a better relationship with the hotels I return to often but stay less nights in than hotel I stay in for more pro-longed periods.
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