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Originally Posted by Boraxo View Post
Currently staying at the Churchill - first visit since I became a Diamond. So far okay but not impressive.

After waiting at checkin downstairs I was escorted upstairs to the Diamond checkin outside the lounge. Good to know now, but would it hurt to put a sign in the lobby directing Diamonds to the 8th Floor? The afternoon clerks upstairs are a cut the lobby, clearly more seasoned than the usual rookie imports that we typically see everywhere now. However my suite was not ready (@2pm) so I was directed to a bathroom off the lounge where I could change into business attire prior to heading to the office.

Upon my return I found that I had been assigned to a suite at the end of the hall near the service elevator overlooking ... nothing, the side of the building. Clearly one of the worst suites on the floor. I returned to the front desk later but of course everything was taken. Considered changing rooms the next day but it's always a hassle to pack everything up and afraid of getting a room too close to the high traffic lobby area. The room itself is really not much bigger than the standard room I received as a Plat last year - with the addition of a half wall providing a little separation from the couch and a walk-in closet. A nice fruit bowl and 1/2 bottle of cheap wine appear to be left as an amenity, along with the usual supply of bottled water. Wifi is mediocre which is a real issue for facetime calls. Needless to say very disappointing on my first use of a Diamond upgrade cert.

On the plus side, happy hour in lounge was much more impressive than the nearby competition (Marriott GS) and even other Hyatt's. I was a bit fatigued and happy to find that I could basically make a light meal from the offerings (not the usual fried crap) and then retire to sleep. Good free wine and champagne, the latter abused by some. Though minus points for the rows of Budweiser (I don't know anyone who still drinks that) but no good English beers. However far fewer children running around than you see elsewhere.

The morning breakfast spread was very good - smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, pastries, yogurt, etc. Better than many US locations but not as good as some others. Indeed, as others have reported the cooked-to-order eggs are toast. When I asked for an omelet I was told that the policy had changed, but the manager kindly offered to bring me something as a one-off - however in the future I would be charged for room service (and also have a 20m wait).

Overall I am happy with the lounge but unimpressed with the "suites" which IMO are inferior to what I always get as a Gold at the Marriott GS around the corner. Like many places the daytime staff is excellent but the evening staff less so.
Thanks for the update and great trip report even with the negatives. I agree with many of your points
Yet I remain a big fan of the hotel despite its warts and wrinkles
The one thing I really like is the food and beverage^
I can choose to dine in Montagu or order excellent room service. Getting around London is expensive so I can justify the high prices and the convenience factor of dining in house.
Also genuinely like the team members here.The hotel is seriously ready for a renovation starting with the very hard bed

Rather than leave the property entirely I now split my time here and the InterContinental Westminster who has one of the newest most beautiful properties I have ever seen
in London or elsewhere for that matter.
The IC has a superior hard product & standard and they seem to price it more fairly unlike the Hyatt which can be significantly more most of the time
Also pushing my decision are the devaluations coming shortly the GP point currency is going to be weaker.
Combined with the aged product its hard to justify the revenue or award costs more fully.
The other factor contributing factor is the gutting of the Hyatt stay certificate chart. It no longer pays to stay as much at select premium Hyatt properties IMO unless other devaluations
come about from other programs and then its a level playing field

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