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The First Class lounge overall was small, limited seating space but they do have everything you want there in a lounge, comfy seating, a bar, restaurant, private TV booths, showers and massage service.

I head over to the Six Senses Spa who already ran out of 15 Minutes treatment but did manage to squeeze me for a 10 Minutes shoulder massage.
Better than nothing, but they really should get some real estate and do it a la TG Style.

After the quick massage, I went back to the Restaurant to check-out the Bar and Restaurant. I declined eating since I already had breakfast at the Park Hyatt

Moments later after finding a good seat, not the easiest in that lounge, the Massage Lady came over to me with Chai Tea and Hot Rocks for the shoulder.

Naughty me, I just ordered Ice Cream at 8:40am, guess Hot Rocks and Ice Cream is a good morning fix

The Etihad-Air Berlin Partnership

And at 9am, I bid farewell to the First Class lounge and made my way to Gate 33.

Gate 33 along with a couple nearby gates was separated for the US departure that required an extra security checks.
A Premium lane for First/Business Class passenger was provided for the extra check

*8th flight, 24386 Miles flown since Apr 28
Etihad Airways 101
Sold as American Airlines 6006
Abu Dhabi to New York Kennedy
Scheduled - 10:00am – 4:30pm, 14 hr 30 mins flight
Delayed Departure – 10:12am, Aircraft Fueling Delay
On-Time Arrival – 4:13pm
First Class, Seat 2A>3A
Food – Lunch, Snack, Dinner
Equipment – Airbus 340-600

After all the checks, I arrived at the gate with no obvious signs for boarding, so I went over to the gate agent to inquire when was boarding time
Seeing I was a F class pax, I was welcomed to board right away.

Etihad Airways Airbus 340-600

Only 1 jetbridge for gate 33, luckily it was connected to the 2nd door so boarding wouldn’t be going through the First Class Cabin

A crew quickly pointed to my seat upon entering the plane and now the fun set of photo barrage begins.

Etihad Airways Airbus 340-600 Diamond First Class Cabin

Part 7 Continues Below
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