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How much did that net you in RBC points? And are these Avion points that you can redeem online with RBC example 45K points for the Carribbean?
yes. or you can convert to CX, BA or AA.
I went from 300K Aeroplan + 4480 HBC Rewards + some existing ESSO points to 208,500 RBC Rewards. And I just submited to AA. With the 20% bonus, I am expecting to get 250200 AA points in total. Planning to book 3 x YYZ-HKG in Y on CX, so that will use up 210K (if I read the reward chart correctly)

Here is the detail calculation for those who want to know:

50,000 Aeroplan = 56,929 ESSO per transfer on Points.com
hence 300,000 Aeroplan = 341,574 ESSO
4480 HBC = 4000 ESSO
Total ESSO now is 346,054

@ 2500 ESSO to 1500 RBC, I transfered 347,500 ESSO for 208,500 RBC

I will transfer another 300K Aeroplan in the new year and leave them in RBC rewards points, then wait for a transfer promo again to get them in AA account again.

1 Aeroplan end up = 0.8197776 AA.

Hence, I am really using 85389.01282494179 Aeroplan for my CX flight to HKG. ~10K more, but I expect less surcharges. Aeroplan normally charge $350 to $400 for AC15/16 rt. Using my usual $0.01 per AP miles, unless AA charge me more than $250 - $300, I am still cheaper this way.

Forgot to mention that I only did this because I got a mail-in offer for 1st fee wavied Avion card. So I need to take full advantage of the next 12 months.
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