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Booked 3 tickets together, is it worth paying for seat selection on WestJet?

I'm travelling to Miami next Wednesday with 2 other people. We used Kayak.com and booked through FlightNetwork all 3 tickets together. I don't know if I can even pay to pick seats as WestJet doesn't give me the option.

Either way, right now when I try to book with WestJet directly, it shows at least half the plane with seats as available, like maybe 60% of them showing available all together. I don't particularly care where we sit but it would be nice to have the 3 of us together.

Does anyone know if it's worth spending the money to pick our seats, or would they generally put 3 people that booked together all together in 3 seats? Just had issues with that before with SunWing where they spread us out, (and I had even paid to pick my seat and didn't get it, was told they can still move us around). So I just get concerned as not sitting together isn't the end of the world but just curious if they typically put us together.

Also I know you can pick your seat 24 hours before departure at check in time. When you do that, if it shows available seats, are they only unbooked ones or ones people haven't paid for? Or does it show all seats even if someone hasn't checked in? Like I mean if exactly 24 hours before I log in, would I have potentially more selection than say 4 hours before? Or at the 24 hour point does the system just assign everyone seats? Never understood if seats get automatically assigned at the 24 hour mark (or even before), or if it's only when someone checks in? Thanks!
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