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Originally Posted by HadesNL View Post
We want more!

Super tripreport, thanks for the time and effort of making it!
Looking forward to read more
Thanks HadesNL, will do my best.
Should be able to put the next part up within the next 2 - 4 hrs

Originally Posted by SFore View Post
Really looking forward to this epic journey (journeys) SHF! Man, I don't know how you throw down all that food in one flight, granted it's 16 hrs...on my last TPAC trip, I could barely eat two meals!
SFore, epic journeys!!! Good One
I think for this SQ LAX - SIN non-stop, for 16 hours this was kinda a normal day.
And seeing you are SEA based, I hope you are a Seahawks fan as I am, because I haven't gone to "Beast Mode" on that flight, no by a long shot.
I think the most impressive I've ever gone on 2 occasions

1st Example
On a CX F JFK - YVR, 2 yrs ago on my b-day weekend

BA Pre-Dining at the JFK lounge
Main Meal - Had Nuts, Western Appetizer, Breads, Chinese Appetizer, Main, Dessert, Pralines
Pre-Arrival - Western Appetizer, Soup, Noodles, Fruit Plate

And all of that on a 5 hr flight that left at 10pm, talk about drinking the plane dry, I cleaned out the F catering, I wanted a main for pre-arrival and they were all out.
And I still had 90 minutes of sleep in between ^

And better yet, went on a Japanese all-you-can eat in Vanny 2 nights after the flight as a B-day Dinner and cleaned out 2 Dozen oysters in 15 minutes, I said I got my moneys worth

2nd Example
11 hr flight, pretty sure its on 1 of the later sections of this TR
1st meal (Dinner) - Had Nuts, Soup, Salad, Breads, Appetizer, 2 mains, 2 dessert
Mid-Flight Snack - Salad, Main
2nd meal (Breakfast) - Toast, Yogurt, Eggs Main

Pretty sure the 2nd example the FAs were asking, sir please stop eating
Other Passengers need to eat too

Originally Posted by calvinoeh View Post
wow.... that's a lot of segment/trips. Kudos for getting 80% done with your trip report. I have a trip report from 4th July that's SO overdue
I know, to prep for a huge TR takes alot of time, I still had some stuff last year where I didn't had a chance to write about
Old NH F, LX 333/343 F, and I went to Baku earlier this year

As for this TR, I've been working on this baby for close to 2 months before starting to post it yesterday
Considering I have about 500-1500 words and 20-100 photos per section, it takes a long time to finish a report like this.
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