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Seriously??? 8 vodka minis served by FC FA to one Passenger?

Just got off a flight (that I will not reveal the flight #)... The FC FA served a passenger 2 minis PDB and 6 during a 45min flight.

The passenger was drinking them as shots and the FA knew it / witnessed it, but kept serving...

When I approached the FA and asked if that was too many, he said the passenger wasn't driving, but rather going to a NFL game this weekend... How the hell does he know this????

I know there are technically no rules, but rather the FA's make "judgement calls" on what is too many, but again... 8 minis in approx 1hr 15min? I have seen over service, but this takes the cake...

The next thing you know we will have another drunk shut off alcoholic service like the ABQ route for a few years and ruin it for everyone that is responsible.

I know many flight attendants personally. Some follow the one drink per hour rule and others hand it out like candy, but this was pathetic... It was as if the FA was asking the passenger to get in a car, hit the highway and kill and innocent family. Sick in my mind!!!

Curious on what others think about this irresponsible action by a FA...
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