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Originally Posted by xooz View Post
I work at a dental office. Many of the patients we see who had work done in several of the South and Central American countries have work which would qualify as malpractice here in the US. Root canals that don't go all the way to the root end, crowns performed on teeth that are moving around and will come out, and other not so pretty outcomes.

Be careful. If it goes bad, you will not find many US dentists who will take over responsibility and you should wonder if you would want to return there to get it "fixed". Better find someone you personally know who had it done and came back with no problems as a reference rather than believe all you read, even in an FT forum. It can be a good thing, but the risk is ,frankly, high.
Scare tactic! And many of the dentists here in the US should have their licenses revoked for scaring patients into thinking they need work that they really don't. Dental Journals are full of ads for seminars to teach how to "maximize revenue" from patients.
This is a classic response from someone who still thinks US medical care is the best. It is not.
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