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Its' Goin' In

Originally Posted by davetravels View Post
This story is amazing for several reasons, IMO . . . .

1) Congrats to the OP, or should I call you Columbo, for superb private detective work!

2) You got what you deserved and earned!

3) It proves to the nay-sayers who post here, that it, not only happens, but . . . . .

4) They KNOW it's wrong to do this!!!

Normally, when it comes to customer serivce issues, once I get resolution to my issue locally, I don't usually send a comment to HQ. I think, in this case, the OP should definitely write in and send the pic. Will they care? Probably not.

Have GREAT trip to Thailand, and, if, by chance, you're still in BKK in early December, I'll buy you a Singha beer!

Shena is DEAD tonite!!!


edited to add . . . .

Re: Low battery: Your flight is supposed to have AC power ports in F. I know, the icons on DL.com aren't always accurate. Just a reminder, as many people seem to either forget they're there, or don't even know about them!
2:44am EDT/11:44PDT

My "goal"/"intent" is NOT to get anyone FIRED, however, the letter is going to be sent certified/dropped in person on Virginia Ave.

I remember reading several pieces on this website about the "shenanigans" and they EXIST. I do NOT like this prevailing attitude that if you board you loose your place in line....just don't agree with that.

This should be a "teaching" moment for Delta. maybe there is just a misunderstanding of the policy?{ask me about Flt #2202 from LAS-->ATL last Sunday and 1B}

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