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SCORE ONE for the good guys! I stopped the GA from giving my UG to a non rev.

DL XXXX ATL--->SEA(5 hrs 23 minutes) BFU after BOTH DL Gate agents played "NON-REV" Roulette........

T-15, GIDS indicated I was #1 on the upgrade list. The flight was packed and had several SB's.

T-10 the screen "blinked", the CLEARED list indicated "UP" and I proceeded to the scanner.....(I snapped the picture before......THANK GOD for camera phones!)

As the boarding pass scanned, in hindsight I noticed the one GA typing furiously on the keyboard, the scanner beeped XXD....I waited for the UG paper and NOTHING! The GA at the scanner SMILED broadly and said, "you didn't get the upgrade".....I remarked that the screen indicated that I received the last FC "Reserved but NOT checked in" seat. So, I asked "may I stand by" and wait till T-1 and if the person is a no show, could I get that seat? The answer from one GA was NO! Once you check in you loose out on the opportunity, the other at the same time said, sure. So, I waited and asked nicely at T-1 if I do NOT score the upgrade, could they please notify me to board and the one GA said sure.

The DL SB's were furious! So, the GA's tried to explain to me DL's policy on UG with the FACT that if you board you loose out on the UG chance. I said REALLY???? I said, "after repeated e-mails to DL, they assured me that DL's GA's are required to go and get the Medallions in Economy.....So they advised me that I board my seat, I said, "No problem, I'll be writing Virginia Ave. with a copy of the picture of the upgrade". They said, "you have a picture?, I said Yes Ma'am, I do!". They requested to see it, and I politely said, no, that's okay..... I went to board the aircraft and they called me back and handed me the upgraded boarding pass.

Needless to say as I looked back as the group of DL "Non-Rev's", they were shaking their heads probably saying, "What an A#hole!"....But I got the UG I deserved.

I remember seeing flashes of MSP_Economist and HongKonger and I remembered the many threads about this.

My Battery in XC is about to die somewhere over Missouri at 32,006 ft and 498 MPH @ a head wind of 129MPH on my way to BKK!

All of you folks are GREAT!


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