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Originally Posted by stickyfingers85
Couldn't you just check the bag through to BRU, not board the flight in LHR, and your bag would be unloaded anyway.

WHere would the bag go then?
Initially the bag would get a hold status, but it can be released into main arrivals baggage claim after some playing with the computer by a BA agent. So it may take 30 minutes or so to arrange, but the simple expedient process of not going through conformance at T5 - by exiting T5 via the UK Border - will prevent the bags going anywhere near the onwards connection.

It's all a bit silly. I've followed reports of this happening and the two places where it seems to happen are JFK and Miami to London, for some reason, and only some agents do it. Apart from the other workarounds mentioned, a passenger could also state they need to declare some items to HMRC. If this was intended as an impedient it can't be very successful, not least because it won't apply to the many frequent travellers who don't check in bags at all. I think all the references to fraud / legal issues are red herrings, it's just a few agents going above and beyond.
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