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Originally Posted by aurigakb View Post
Thanks for sharing! Sounds like they still have a way to go.
You are right indeed, they do have some way to go -- but then, they can be priced very competitively on some itineraries.

In the meantime, I completed the return trip. The third flight was the best of the lot on the A333 from MEL to SGN. Without going into as much details as the rest, the QF lounge at MEL is obviously very nice, the cabin had "only" one broken seat I believe, and I was impressed by the arrival experience at SGN. We had a bus gate but there was an exclusive bus for J passengers (with enough leather seats for every one of us), and then, when we arrived, our priority luggage actually arrived first! In total, with a bus gate and checked luggage, we reached the car booked for us within less than 15 minutes of arriving! Crew was also extraordinarily nice and friendly and food was quite nice.

By contrast, the fourth flight (SGN-LGW with a technical stop at FRA) was probably the worst of the lot. The crew was much less nice on the long haul (crew changed at FRA), the old 772 with cradle seats was unpleasant on such a long sector, was flatly refused wardrobe service ("you can put on the hook, we have no room") and food was less good than on most other flights. The stop at FRA was also rather unpleasant: no lounge access (lounge closed apparently), gate not opened when we arrived so had to wait 'in between' security and gate for about 15 minutes, and finally, while my luggage had supposedly been checked through to the next flight (correctly tagged), while waiting by the luggage belt by complete chance as my friend was ending her trip at LGW, I had the surprise to see one of my two bags on the belt!! I picked it up and brought it back to the luggage incidents people who effectively couldn't be bothered and told me they couldn't put it back in the circuit and I should just take it and check it with the airline of my next segment (despite having to wait several hours for the check in to open!). Very poor indeed.

So I guess this added to a certain sense of inconsistency. There is effectively a very significant gap in comfort between the 'decent' A333 and the 'poor' B772 in J, and service can range from great to poor (with more of the former though).
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