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Originally Posted by javabytes View Post
DL has zero credibility on these forums. This is the first time in many months they've made a change that hasn't been scooped by FTers before they announce here... and it's something small like a name change.

Nonetheless, the name change reflects the direction in which they've taken and intend to continue to take the SkyMiles program - increasing redemption levels. We all know "Peak" days are anything but... on July 25, 2008, Jeff Robertson said "The only people who should really be using 'choice' are those who plan last minute when the flights are full, or who are trying to find award seats during the most peak special events (e.g. Super Bowl)."

Well holy hell, looking at the award calendar, we sure seem to have a lot of Super Bowls every year.
Nothwithstanding the DL apologists, this is the larger issue. When the three tiers were announced, they stated what you said above, as well as other information along the lines that most of the award supply would still be low. We were suspicious, and as we all know from experience it's hard to find low...not that it's not there, but it's hardly a good portion of the award supply.

So by this announcement, they are saying that the increased medium tier is actually the normal, or "standard" one, which I would take to mean that this is where the majority of award supply will be available. That is a major change in what was previously communicated, and all but officially confirms that medium/standard is the new normal, and you should be be lucky/not expect to find low that much.
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