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Originally Posted by GRALISTAIR View Post
I know, it is absolutely crazy.

A company representative posts on here in advance and keeps us informed and communicates and all they get is whine whine whine. I will supply the cheese.
DL has zero credibility on these forums. This is the first time in many months they've made a change that hasn't been scooped by FTers before they announce here... and it's something small like a name change.

Nonetheless, the name change reflects the direction in which they've taken and intend to continue to take the SkyMiles program - increasing redemption levels. We all know "Peak" days are anything but... on July 25, 2008, Jeff Robertson said "The only people who should really be using 'choice' are those who plan last minute when the flights are full, or who are trying to find award seats during the most peak special events (e.g. Super Bowl)."

Well holy hell, looking at the award calendar, we sure seem to have a lot of Super Bowls every year.

DL gets all the respect it deserves here. The fantastic thing about social media is that it levels the playing field. Company spokespeople hold no influence simply because they are company spokespeople. Rather, you build social authority by contributing to the community. You gain influence over time because the community gives it to you little by little as a result of your two-way interactions. Not going so well for DL on the FT forums, because that would require making contributions. Dropping press releases does not constitute a contribution. Hit-and-run posts, corporate speak, and overt marketing are social media no-nos. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that DL gets laughed off the stage the half-dozen times a year it bothers to show up. You want to see a better example of how to engage on FT, head over to the SPG forum, or even the UA forum (and it's not like people in the UA forum have been thrilled about the direction of their program either).

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