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A couple of years ago (pre eUpgrades) I was flying to CDG and I had called in a couple of days prior to get on the upgrade wait list.

Flight day. I got to the airport early, was waiting in the lounge, and at boarding time I went to the gate and asked if they had processed the upgrade list yet. I was told (1) Yes they had and J was now full, (2) I was not even on the upgrade list, and (3) it's too bad because I had higher status than some people who did get upgrades, so if I'd been on the list then I would have cleared.

Missing out on an upgrade happens ... but missing an upgrade because there's some screw-up about the list is even more frustrating. Since then I've made it a habit to confirm with the checkin agent that I am at least on the list. They will not tell you if your upgrade has cleared, or where you stand on the list ... but they will at least confirm that you are on the list.
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