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After a very hectic day working with colleagues at MIT I was running late to the airport. After dashing to Logan Airport I quickly asked the Red Coat which line was for the shuttle to Boston. He looked at me with an odd expression and said "Sir, you are in Boston" I laughed and said in that case how about DC?

As for languages British rubber == American eraser. A friend from the UK has a great story about the proper usage.

My best language fowl up was trying to say in French that I was hungry and need food. I should have simply said "J'ai faim" but instead I said "J'ai besoin d'une femme" (I have need of a woman).

Speaking of trains, I once arrived at the platform only to find the train pulling out. All my bags were already on board as I stepped off to back track to look for something I dropped. My friend opened the window and I dove through it crashing into the cabin where everyone looked. The train came to a halt. We figured we were in for it. But alas the train was only moving to the correct location on the platform.
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