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Originally Posted by kegan5 View Post
I've been looking for flights from LAX or LAS to LHR for Christmas and noticed a substantial difference in price when booking to France.


LAX-LHR-NCE / NCE-LHR-LAX - the difference in Club is about 800(comparing with flights to LHR).

If I booked this and missed the LHR-NCE connection on my inbound and NCE-LHR on outbound, would this be possible ?

The issues you'd have are:-

1) your checked bags would be heading to NCE on the outward
2) I believe that the small print for BA tickets (and most airlines for that matter) states that if you don't check in for the first leg of a trip they'll assume you're not coming for the other legs and sell your seat
3) the small print also probably prohibits it, although I'm sure some have done it
4) you wouldn't get the Avois and TOs for unflown legs

I'd say it is risky and you should go into something like that aware of the potential consequences. You could always go to NCE and book a cheap flight from NCE to LHR and still save money!
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