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Question Global entry program-processing time for UK citizens

Hi I realise this thread covers processing time but at over 90 pages its hard to find UK nationals experience of Global Entry.

As its fairly recently opened up to the masses (for citizens of the United Kingdom at least) I thought a new thread may be useful for people on the UK side of the pond!

Apologies If another similar thread exists - I did a search and found nothing UK GE focused!
EDIT: found this in the BA forum - but doesn't cover processing times so no overlap!

This thread is a good read too - but again not mentioning processing much

I'd be interested to hear experiences from those who have completed the process on a UK passport.

To save people reading 90 odd pages of the above thread - Here's a list of posts (that I noticed) from people with a UK passport:

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choirgirl & More Champagne seem the only approved ones so far!

Processing time from submission to conditional approval seems around 4 weeks...ıt was 23 days for me

There's much debate/confusion on weather you should use the Reference on the top right or the number on the bottom left of the certificate. I used the former as that's the reference I was told by the ACPO (and is the one on the covering letter/email.)

I doubt its a show stopper either way as long as the certificate states 'NO TRACE'

Anyway my timelines:
Request to Larry for code: 15th Aug - 11.20am
Code received: in 6 mins!!
Applied for the police certificate 16th Aug (standard service)
ACPO Acknowledged receipt 28th Aug - (I got the ACPO to confirm the ref in email is as on the certificate)
Submitted GE application 30th Aug and am still pending review.
Received actual paper certificate 4th September
Conditional approval 23rd September
Intervıew currently scheduled 7 Dec JFK

I really should have waited to get the piece of paper but wanted to submit ASAP due to the processing times (and my next trip being in Dec)

Fortunately the certificate states no trace...

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