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Originally Posted by nycityny View Post
I am amused that there is a whole thread of outraged people angered by higher alcohol prices in the United Club. I don't visit the club to imbibe in spirits and judging by what I see inside most other visitors do not either. This change has no impact on most of us so I doubt it will cause the majority of folks to cancel their memberships.

My wish is that the food selections would improve. Having just returned from Europe, those foreign clubs/lounges remind me of how poorly stocked the American clubs are when it comes to food.
Imagine this: in most of the world, airline lounges have both decent booze and decent food. Indeed, the only lounges I've found to POSSIBLY be worse than a United Club (and we're now getting pretty close) are the domestic lounges of some Chinese airlines.

I guess there's nothing I can really do because I get my lounge visits comped with my 1K status and my elite status on Turkish. But, seriously, if I had to pay for what I was getting from a UA Club, I'd save the money and just sit at an airport bar when I wanted a drink and/or a snack.
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