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If you're in the typical height range for catalog models (5'7" to 5'10"?) the pants should at least have an acceptable rise and the knee break in roughly the right area. Whether the rear, hips, and thigh areas will be comfy and flattering, of course, is the big question for us women shopping for pants. Sigh.

Thank you for not traveling or appearing in public in leggings.

Anatomie has a well designed site. They're funny, too. Their 30 day no questions asked returned policy lists among possible reasons a buyer might want to return an item:
"Maybe it made you look so smokin’ hot that your significant other is getting jealous from all the stares you are getting"

I actually don't consider their prices high, IF their clothing does what they say it will. Consider this testimonial:
"I have washed these pants at least a 100 times and they still look brand new. I can buy a new top and they match perfectly with these 5 year old Anatomie pants, because the fabric color, feel, and look are the same as the day I bought them."

I don't see how that's possible without using mostly synthetic fibers, can you? I can't find precise fiber content info. They describe the Monika dress, for example, as a cotton jersey dress, but whether it has lycra or anything else is unclear. That dress, by the way, looks like it requires shapewear. That's not travel friendly.

A few tiny shops in my area carry Anatomie. I'll try on whatever I can find and report back on fiber content. Anatomie doesn't have petite sizes, so I doubt their pants or skirts will fit me. I wouldn't buy their skirts or dresses for travel anyway because they lack pockets. That is definitely not travel friendly.
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