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If travelling with marcuslai's kids, it would have been a straight upgrade to F for sure

Originally Posted by correctioncx View Post
For those that don't read Chinese
Flight overbook - cso called controlled as cap is reached. Control ask whether the guy is handsome. The cso asked the pax do you think you are handsome enough for an upgrade to PEY. The pax said yes - but can I get upgraded to J. CSO replied to control - the pax thinks he is handsome enough to opup to C
A more precise translation would be:
- Control asked CSO do you think the pax is handsome
- CSO asked the pax do you think you're handsome enough for upgrade to PEY
- Pax said yes...but I think I'm handsome enough to be upgraded to J
- CSO replied to control
- Control said, I asked if you THINK the pax is handsome, not ASK HIM if he's handsome
- Control's speechless
- Pax got upgraded.
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