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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
What is Avis like at SSA? Any special requirements? Are child seats required for a 6 year old? Do they have GPS? ...
My advice differs materially from others on the thread. I know a little about your experience, Stimpy, and you'll not have any problem in and around Salvador. You MUST have an international diving license, even though Avis probably will not ask, but they will make you sign a waiver. You will be liable for traffic tickets and speed cameras abound. You'll find out months later when your credit card is charged, so beware. Technically you're meant to have an endorsement with the diving license issuing authorities (Detran) but nobody I know does that. Most Avis locations do have GPS but you're better off using your own portable and downloading a free comprehensive map of Brazil (if you decide to do that I'll supply the url. Garmin, i.e. Mapsource is the best compatibility).

Well travelled friends have driven in various places in Brazil, including Salvador, with no problems. BTW, those who say Brazil is harder to drive in than Nairobi probably do not know either Nairobi or Brazil. On balance, as one quite familiar with both I'd say they're different but Brazil has better signage.

More later, if you want it...
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