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Originally Posted by VidaNaPraia View Post
Gringos driving in Brazil are like sight-impaired Mr. Magoo of the cartoon, stumbling through danger after danger without being aware.
Originally Posted by VidaNaPraia View Post
but I've been here long enough to have lots of corroborating facts for my opinions.
Your opinions are generalisations. You seem happy to tell people what they should and should not do without any knowledge of their circumstances or experience. And then having made your sweeping generalisations/assumptions you then criticise them for supposedly changing their story (when they hadn't provided a story in the first place) and for not having informed you of their history before you made your assumptions. You were after all the one who basically said that no gringo tourist should drive in Salvador even though no-one even asked that question and clearly the opinion that no gringo should drive in Salvador is extreme to say the least and very removed from the day to day reality that plenty of tourists rent cars all over Brasil with a small minority likely having any serious issues.

It is very different than saying one needs to be aware of the risks which would of course be stating the obvious to an experienced traveller - and those risks are something no-one has disagreed with as much as you want to imply that that is the issue.

I can provide stories of horrible incidents that have happened on buses in Brasil but that hardly justifies the opinion that no tourists should catch buses. Equally having watched enough local news in Sao Paulo and Rio using your logic I would advise no-one to venture outside of their hotel in those cities.

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