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Originally Posted by 3544quebec View Post
You'll have to ask a native to translate it as a gringo such as I could not possibly have Portuguese language ability and reading those darn Brasilian regulations without my Mr Magoo specs is near impossible.
My, my, between your Mr. Magoo specs and stimpy’s rose colored glasses, you’re quite the team.
Allow a gringo such as I, with sufficient Portuguese ability to even understand the rental contracts with their non-standard-for-US-rental firms provisions, and the 20-20 vision of a gringo who is local, to help translate.
Yes, you are correct in stating that the paragraph says that legally you must drive with a sworn translation of your foreign license. Sworn translations are done in Brazil by translators on the official list, available from DETRAN.
In practice, you are also correct in stating that the rental agency is likely only to ask for your foreign license to Xerox. The AAA auto club in the US issues an international license specifically for Brazil, for about U$10, which supposedly counts as a translation. A sworn translation, as referred to in the quoted law, that goes through DETRAN would take a bit of work and time to obtain.
If you are stopped in one of the frequent police “blitz” traffic stops along the road, the police, who are not expected to know if your foreign license is a forgery or not, nor to read/understand its contents in a language other than Portuguese, may ask for the officially sworn translation and make as much trouble as they can for the driver if it is not produced. Hope that you don’t encounter one who had a fight with his wife the night before.
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