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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
It's good general advice, but please don't lump experienced travelers here with your average "gringo tourist". As said I've traveled all over the world including more dangerous places and I was indeed raised in a somewhat more dangerous place. We will be fine and indeed will have local advice and support.
Now that you include such details, which you did not initially, the story changes. However, I always figure that some newbie tourist, who does not have your purported experience and who may think they are traveling in the first world, will generalize what is said to him/herself. I also think there are factors here in Brazil that may not apply elsewhere, [/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
And to get back on topic, I think that international organizations such as FIFA and the IOC will be putting a lot of pressure on Brazil to up their game in policing to make sure there are no bad headlines about tourists getting jacked during these events. It may be better to correct the social problems that lead to high crime rates, but I'm not sure we can count on that happening real soon.
It is unrealistic to imagine that FIFA/IOC can bid the solution overnight to socio-economic problems that have been decades and centuries in the making. There is barely enough money allotted for the very short-term to try to police the most heavily touristed Rio neighborhoods, let alone some deserted rural track outside Salvador or the often troubled suburbs where no normal tourist would be expected to go. We locals in Salvador just recently suffered through a police strike in which there was generalized life-threatening chaos through out the city, and police actually committing crimes, and so may be justified in having little confidence. And the new present mayor is valiantly trying to repair the great damage in many civic areas done by the previous one, who was trying to destroy the legacy of the one before him; such is politics here.
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