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Originally Posted by AveApostle View Post
Had been living large at Two Thousand One Hundred Thirty-Three Over Threeves here in Southwest FL for the last several months (they're all gas stations down here) but has come crashing down here as reported other places--every card declined, even though I can use the same cards for the same amount at Charlie Victor'S.

I had six different stores I had used, was down to two and one that was working three days ago is now wired like the rest. Not looking forward to visiting the last of the least there's Charlie here.
Today, my last gas station rejected my cc here in central FL. The clerk was terrific....tried a second bean in case the first was defective....called his bean rep to inquire.....came back w/cash only policy now. So much for my fun at Roos. Still have the drug store, but I think that's just a matter of time. Looks like my sources are running dry.
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