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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
I'll be in Salvador for the Cup. I've already booked award tickets to GRU for everyone in the family except me, since I don't know where I'll be coming from. We will be staying at a friends house in town, although I will check with the Sheraton or some other hotels later on to see if they give up on price gouging.

Can someone help with a few questions?

Should I wait a while to buy the domestic GRU-SSA legs? Advice?

Prices for domestic flights go up significantly as the date nears. Book as early as possible. However, the domestic airlines' sites (TAM, GOL, Azul, Avianca) are often not easy to purchase from for those who do not have a Brazilian ID (CPF) and Brazilian issued credit card.

What is the procedure to transit from International to domestic? We will be arriving on a mix of carriers, BA, KL, etc.
You go through passport control, pick up your baggage, go through customs (X-ray and possible inspection) and exit to the terminal to check in for your domestic flight.

What is Avis like at SSA? Any special requirements? Are child seats required for a 6 year old? Do they have GPS?
Why would you want to rent a car in Salvador? Bus and taxi transport is easy and the city is rather confusing to drive in and get in/out of. Yes, child restraints are required. I would use a domestic chain like Localiza if you insist on renting.

What are some interesting places to drive to outside of Salvador?
As mentioned, think again about driving. You do not know the city and in addition to road and driver factors you may not be expecting, there are areas in which you would not want to find yourself. There are taxis, buses and van tours to get you safely to any place a tourist might want to go. A good site to get lots of sound info on Salvador, including sights to see, is

Does Salvador have, or expect to have, a mobile operator that will offer short term pre-paid 3G data plans? Any cell phone or internet service in Salvador and the Salvador area is not up to your expectations. Any calls made with a Salvador chip to other cities in Brazil are at expensive long distance rates. For local calls, I would simply get aphone card and use the phone booths (orelhao) ont he street. For international calls, there are call centers to dial other countries and internet cafe where you can use Skype.
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