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Can I book a ff one-way now and a return later when I have enough miles?

Sorry, couldn't find an exact answer.

I want to use my miles for a round trip from JFK to HND Tokyo next spring. However since I will return after 4/30 when the amount of miles needed go up, right now I do not have enough miles in my account.

My question is: can I book the one-way trip JFK->HND now - 25,000 ff miles and book my return HND->JFK in a couple of months when I will have the 32,500 either from credit cards purchases or another trip?

There is no penalty for booking a round trip separately?

Of course, I know the ff seat still has to be available - I am checking once a week and I guess if it starts looking like it's getting sold out I can always buy the extra miles...

Thanks so much!
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