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Originally Posted by MikeFromTokyo View Post
She has exquisite taste, and most often I agree with everything she writes.
And this is completely subjective. Everyone's taste is different, even among luxury hotel customers and fans.

Which leads to this next statement.
Originally Posted by MikeFromTokyo View Post
I have been upset by some of the comments in this thread, which in my view seem to be emanating from posters with questionable levels of travel experience, and have been in very bad taste.
Firstly, I think getting upset over an internet message board comment is a bit much. But the main point is that disagreeing with someone's view is not a basis to be upset or attempt to demean others opinion by insinuating they aren't as well traveled as you.

Originally Posted by mecabq View Post

nor do I care for posters here implying that anyone who doesn't worship "Lyn" (whom I unfortunately do not know on a first-name basis) is somehow not a sophisticated traveler.
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