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Originally Posted by Skipcool3 View Post
When I flew back from AMS to LCY on the EMB 170 I asked the CC if she got to fly the baby bus, she said not, sadly and it was covered by the airbus certified Gatwick crews...
Originally Posted by Feroze View Post
No, they are LGW-based crew. One Purser/CSM (I'm unsure) and two further cabin crew.

As I once knew but wasn't sure I was current, hence my question.

So with this in mind do the cabin crew not also start at LGW ?

Originally Posted by layz View Post
I've seen the BA001 depart from LGW before. I was surprised to see New York on the screens in the lounge as I knew BA scrapped their LGW-JFK services, then I looked at the flight number and seen it was the LCY flight.

So it looks like sometimes if LCY is closed the flight starts from LGW (or would the ferry flight incorrectly appear on the screens?). If this happens do they individually call/text the customers or put on a bus from LCY?

The babybus has previously operated ex LGW when LCY has been closed for whatever reason and the aircraft hasn't been able to position LGW-LCY after inbound diversion.

The reason for diverting to LGW on inbound in preference to other airfields (excl LHR) being that LGW has BA ground crew & SS available to handle the flight where other options (STN, LTN, SEN etc) do not.

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