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Originally Posted by UKtravelbear View Post
I was shown a picture on the monitor of both my bags and asked if they were mine and if I had any food in them.

That's what I meant about pax with bags having to wait - so they could do the picture thing whilst they clear the hand bag only pax
Originally Posted by WHBM View Post
Just to explain this one (for the umpteenth time), it isn't some union restriction that counts LCY to Shannon as a day's work, but is done deliberately. The pilots report to Gatwick, and are then (within their duty time) driven over to LCY and fly to Shannon. It is done this way so that, if the inbound aircraft has been diverted to Gatwick (not unknown) due to early fog/weather at LCY, they can ferry it over to LCY and then on to Shannon. Given that, although there are limitations on duty hours in a day, pilots are paid for an 80-flying-hour month, it doesn't impact on costs how these flying hours are spread over the days of the month, and it maximises the reliability of the service.

Cabin crew are of course not needed if the empty ferry from Gatwick to LCY is required, so they can report later in the day direct to LCY, and thus get through to New York in one go.

Thank you for the detailed post.

Very interesting !!

So is it only flight deck that are LGW based and report to LGW ? Are cabin crew LCY based ?

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