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the not-so-smooth Shannon stop

When I got got to the plane door to disembark, I realised wheelchair wasn't readily available. The purser then asked if I really needed it because "i noticed you *can* walk". well by this time I did need a wheelchair so I was just going to have to wait for it..

I was irritated by this comments but unfortunately being young with health problems the "but you don't look sick to me" attitude is all too common.

I went to sit down and the purser said I'd only have to get up in a minute. I said "yeah but its the standing that kills, innit" (well, I didn't say innnit) .he replied with "oh".

The assistance took so long all the cabin crew had disembarked and it was just the pilots waiting for me to leave, as the last passenger. I had a brief chat with the pilots .and they explained that they would leave the flight, stay overnight and pick up the next day's BA001 from shannon due to their working hours.

.When he came, explained that they'd been v busy. I supposed he hadn't been briefed because be started to wheel me to the exit until the pilots ahead of us told him I was bound for New York. The. He steered me to immigration and to get pre-clearance queue. The lady at the immigration booth him to wait while she called sone Aer Ligus cabin crew ahead of me! When I told the assistance guy that I my flight was due to board, .he just said breezily, "not without the cabin crew"' I then reminded him that I was on BA, not EI and my flight *was* boarding! Luckily the next booth called me over and I was "processed"..

Annoyingly when i explained my my job he then asked "if you're a government worker, how can you afford to travel on BA001?" well that did offend my British sensibilities but I had to just laugh outwardly and give some guff about how I don't smoke, drink etc. Easier than explaining about seat sales and tier point runs anyway.

When the assistance guy was wheeling me back, he murmured to his colleague that no one had given him any info about the person he was collecting and .that he had been sent over in a rush. Anyway .with the delay, there was no waiting around and I was able to get straight back on the plane and back into my seat

I thought there was a dedicated CWLCY pre-immigration area but perhaps in the confusion, it was missed.
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