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Smile trip report, 1st Club world experience LCY-JFK-LCY

BA001 15th August 2013

Arrived at LCY at 9am for 9.45 departure. Club World London City checkin is done at a small desk in the doorway of the airport. There was one person in front of me being checked in. As there is no conveyor, a baggage handler takes the checked bags and wheels them into the terminal after each passenger. I asked the baggage handler whether I not I should lock my suitcase. He hemmed and hawed and said maybe not, but he looked like he didnt want to commit himself.

The BA checkin agent recommended the I shouldn't lock it unless I had TSA-approved locks, which I did not. While checking me in, she asked if I needed the wheelchair I had ordered. I explained that with LCY being so small, and my having plenty of time, I could do without it. However, I would need assistance by at Shannon and JFK.

I suffer from chronic back pain which can affect my ability to stand or walk for long distances. I can't always be certain I won't need help especially with airconditioning and high altitude.

There was no fast-track that I could see, however security was quiet when I got there. The school trip what turned up *just* .as I was taking out my bag of liquids were a sensible lot and stood by the wall, out of the way, until they were all ready. So, I went straight to the front..

Security was handled really well for me. I put my things in the trays, .walked though the archway with my walking stick and shoes on. Then I was shown to a seat .(after the archway) .while someone else took my shoes and stick to to be x-rayed. Before the pat-dowm commenced, I asked if there were any painful areas. I was little bit worried about being scanned but it seems that LCY only selects people at random for the scanner..My shoes were brought back to me before the pat-down was over..

Lounge and boarding (G-EUNB)
After a quick walk past duty free,.I got to the gate-lounge about a minute before boarding. The desk is tucked in a corner behind the door, so I walked past them .by accident and sat down! One the ground staff came and got my passport and boarding pass and then brought them back to me. With.no time to make use of the lounge refreshments,.I took a small bunch of grapes to eat quickly and a packet of shortbread .to nibble in the flight. There was a nice selection of fruit, Danish pastries, hot and cold drinks, inc. champagne and cakes and biscuits. (Readers might be pleased to know that there is still Walkers fruitcake at LCY!)

Of course, with a flight carrying no more than 32 pax, boarding was leisurely. I don't remember hearing a priority boarding call, and wouldn't have been necessary anyway. I waited for the first few people to go so I wouldn't be standing longer than necessary. Then stopped to let someone walk ahead of me (knowing I might be slow on the stairs) and he asked if needed help with my things. I said "thanks" but declined.

I stowed bags in the overhead bin just behind my row (another other pax offered to lift bag and.I took them up on that) and took my seat. I was 1k(?), the window seat. .I had made the right seat choice because the G-EUNB aircraft has extra room behind the footstools for 1J and K. Therefore I didn't have to disturb the person next to me, in order to get in an out of my seat.

Onboard .LCY-SNN
The Purser made intros and takeoff ensued. Soon as seatbelt signs were .off, cc brought round the landing cards for pre-immigration and then began serving drinks and starters. The purser came and confirmed that he had a special meal (low lactose) for me but he would let me know if any of the other meals were available. .Thing is, I had cancelled my special meal a week ago after having seen the CWLCY menu, .but no biggie.

My starter was two fruit kebabs. .Really good and went quite nicely with the Kir royale I had ordered earlier.

After plates were taken away, I .reclined the seat to try and get comfortable. unfortunately I just couldn't. There was no lumbar support in the seat, or at least not as much as I needed. The pillow was too rigid to afford me any extra comfort. I had brought my own tempur-pedic but there was no point un-packing it on the short flight. On the other hand, one of the nice things about the CWLCY window seat is the space between the seat and the window. It makes a nice cubby for stowing a handbag during take-off and landing.

Soon enough it was time to get ready for landing. The purser reminded everyone to take all belongings off the plane and they'd see us soon.

(SNN-JFK details to follow)
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