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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
It's awesome but Michael still should not have been upgraded if others who should be above him in priority were not upgraded on the flight. It's great for DL to do something special to honor the milestone, but other higher tier FFers should not "pay" for his celebration.
Originally Posted by lamont2718 View Post
Think DL did a great job with this.

Regarding the possibly illegitimate upgrade -- as much as I like my upgrades and believe proper priority should be upheld at the gate, I would be fine if DL took an upgrade from me and gave it to someone passing the MM mark on the flight.
Originally Posted by aubreyfromwheaton View Post
I agree with OP and I would be angry if I missed my UG as a result of the MM.

Or just publish the rule that they get UG no matter what...
Originally Posted by deltalirious View Post
Just achieved 2MM last week.
Since I did not self promote, I was only acknowledged with an e mail several days later.
No special recognition, no car service, no gift bag, no problem...
Now all I need to do is change my FT profile, and select a gift from the website.
From somebody who is hub captive and primarily does the ATL - TPA route and maybe gets an upgrade once a year (flying on a Wed at 2:00pm), I would be a tad upset if I was 6 out of 6 seats available and they gave it to somebody else because they got MM that day. I should get MM next year and I figure I might (maybe) just get an extra "Have one on us" coupons If it were shown as a published benefit, then I would agree whole heartedly...
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