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Capt Denny
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Jumping Jehoshaphat An Airforce F-16 Sim

As Naval Aviation legend, Grandpa Pettibone, would say; Jumping Jehoshaphat!!!!! What is going to happen to the Capt. Jason Dahl Scholarship next,

A F-16 simulator ride was just donated. Being a government product it cannot be raffled for cash. Therefore it will be given away. Everyone* who participates in the T-6/787 sim drawing will get one chance for the F-16 sim ride. That is if you buy $25 or $500 worth of T-6/787 sim tickets you will only get 0NE chance to the F-16 sim.

Just to let you know we currently have 38 donors in the T-6/ 787 sim ride drawing. Your chances to win are 1 in 38.

I am not going to turn away any donations to support the scholarship drive. How much better can this get!

Capt Denny

*Details are being researched if the F-16 simulator is open to non US citizens. As with the other prizes you are responsible for your own transportation and hotels.
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