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Originally Posted by yuchung5 View Post
Quick question about carry on luggage question about MU flying China domestic.
On Mu website it says that the carry allowance is 1 piece for coach less than 5kg.
Usually when I fly with US or flying CX in Asia, I have no issue with one carry-on luggage and my laptop bag. Does this mean that I have to check my luggage and only take my laptop bag on board? Or MU is not that tight with their policy?

Also, usually how long does it take for checked luggage to show up on the baggage claim in PEK airport T2?

IME, for a domestic flight, within 15 minutes after landing and parking. Usually you and the bags show up at the bag belt around the same time. Most Chinese domestic travelers check their (locked) rollaboards since loss, theft, and slow delivery to Bag Claim are uncommon. I always check mine, and carry on only a small daypack with valuables, my laptop bag, etc.

The only time I might hang on to all my stuff is if traveling on a bad-weather day with likely need to rebook/change flights or even change to train. Not having checked luggage would make this a little easier.
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